More Than 30 Years Innovating in Sustainable Technologies

Based in Galicia, we have two production sites strategically located in O Porriño and Fene, both equipped with workshops and logistics warehouses.


At Head Up Services, we are a company with more than 30 years’ experience specialising in the promotion of new businesses linked to sustainable technological innovations. We are made up of a group of companies that operate mainly in the shipbuilding and industrial sector, including Solem, Protecnavi, Disolter and Insprored. 

The future corporate group is founded under the name CTGA (“control de tránsito y gestión auxiliar” – traffic control and auxiliary management) offering services oriented to document and access management.
With the aim of managing new markets, Solem is created as an industrial outsourcer, providing cleaning and maintenance services, and low-voltage electrical installations, among others.
Protecnavi joins, dedicated to piping projects and installations for the shipbuilding and industrial sector.
Head Up is founded with the goal of consolidating the group and generating synergy between all brands.
Disolter is created, becoming part of the above as a company dedicated to the marketing and distribution of thermal insulation and PPR pipes.
Insprored is established, specializing in the ICT sector for third-party system installations, computer network design, and information and entertainment systems.
Strategic alliances are established with international partners.


We have a large workforce of over 170 employees. The team includes engineers, technicians and specialists in each of the branches in which we operate.