AWES Systems



German company specialising in developing clean energy solutions, mainly using wind technology.  They use AWE systems by means of kites providing energy that is then injected into the electricity grid. These kites, which at times reach a size of 400 m2, can replace up to two megawatts from the main engine and reduce fuel consumption by up to ten tonnes per day. The Grupo Head Up aims to be pioneer in developing this technology in Spain. Both for application in hybrid energy communities and to use AWES on boats.



Association of the Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) sector that works towards driving the expansion and application of AWE systems. These devices work using tethered kites, designed to generate energy at great heights using the force of the wind. 

Head Up is a member of this partnership to promote the development and use of new airborne wind energy systems in Galicia. The aim is to guarantee continuous production of renewable energy all day, complementing existing technologies to provide optimal coverage in areas with limited service infrastructure.